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Testimonials for Mike the Junk Man

Dear Mike, it was great you guys showing up last minute to help us in our hour of need! House cleaned out and ready for the new tenants. So very happy!!

Steve and Millie
Morristown, NJ

Dear Mike,
That was the easiest diet ever. I lost so much stuff that now I can see the carpet, which by the way is rancid and why I need your services again...

You and your team were nothing but professional, after the divorce I couldn't bare to go into my home. If it weren't for your gracious manner and shoulder to cry on I could never have gotten rid of her stuff.

Dearest Mike,
Losing Momma was hard enough let alone the ton of crap she hoarded her entire life!!! I would have paid double had I used anyone else but you to haul it off.

Hi Mike,
first let me say thank you so much for making our headache go away! For the last 25 years we have left the garage and basement space as it was to the point of denying at times we even had a basement due to knowing how much work it would take to clean the rooms out. You came with your boys and made short work of it all, it's a little odd after all these years to see the rooms vacant and available for use in some way.

Please accept the small token of thanks enclosed and again our deepest gratitude to you all for doing such a professional job. ~ Penny, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Dude I am FREE!!!
I cannot believe how much junk you took out, and the extra trucks you had to get in order to handle the quantity of crap I had, hehe. Our move to Morristown was an absolute nightmare before we had found you guys. Dude, the containers of oils and chemicals you took from the garage, endless boxes of stuff. I know it all got recycled and disposed of correctly, but glad I left it all up to your capable hands. I'm not sure what i had in those old containers. Thanks again Mike, you guys are incredible and I'll spread the word every chance I get! Andy, Morristown, NJ

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